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Buy China’s Iconic ‘Hongqi’ Car on Taobao

China’s Hongqi 红旗 (Red Flag) Cars

My second favorite part of the China 60th Anniversary National Holiday Celebrations is seeing President Hu riding around in his deluxe new automobile.

hu in red flag car

Traditionally, the President will drive around in a Hongqi brand car on the National Holiday, standing through the sunroof with microphones built into the car for speaking to the audience.

deng in the red flag car

It’s a tradition that goes all the way back to Mao and the early years of the country, and the car has become an iconic part of Chinese history. And there are a few for sale (without the sunroof/microphones) on Taobao.

Runs normal. Good interior/exterior. 350,000rmb

That’s pretty much all you need to know, I guess.  Plan on spending an extra 5,000rmb on proper window tinting, and another 2,000rmb on that awesome VIP duck-quack horn. Guaranteed to turn more heads than a factory-owner’s Ferrari.

red flag car for sale on taobao

Once Belonged to He Long

Now we are cooking. This 700,000rmb Red Flag car from 1969 is stated to have once belonged to former Vice Premier He Long.  (But if you read He Long’s wikipedia page, that timeline doesn’t really make sense.) Nice looking ride though!

once belonged to he long red flag car

For the poverty-stricken collector

If you can’t afford hundreds of thousands of rmb to buy a Red Flag, then you can still own a small piece of that noble essence with one of these 1:32 models. It is 35rmb.

red flag model car 1 32

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