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Bowling Shoes are the Most Manly Shoes

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I’ve been suffering from some post-Alifest depression, as I realize that the next Alifest is 350+ days away. With this depression came some bad writer’s block. For the first time, I could find no delight on Taobao — my days were grey. It took a product suggestion from long-time Friend of the Field Guide to bump me out of my malaise. Thanks @msittig!

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Bowling shoes are charming

As a man, most shoes seem wrong to me. One very notable exception is the bowling shoe, which seems right in nearly every way.

bowling shoes number 6

A policy of information

For one, they are clearly labeled with the size. Most other shoes would so crudely bear a brand logo instead. My bowling shoes thinks that type of brand-bragging is impolite. My bowling shoes work in numbers.

bowling shoes number 8

Let’s not get ambitious

Bowling shoes are indoor shoes. This provides enormous mental benefit. Whilst wearing bowling shoes, you may safely ignore any inconvenient summons to leave your home. You are, after all, wearing your indoor shoes. Like Mr. Rogers.

In fact, whilst you are wearing bowling shoes, it is not okay to partake in any strenuous mental or physical activity. Approved activities include sipping a scotch or practicing your golf putting into a glass or roll-up putting green. Reading a newspaper is encouraged. You may engage in low-level planning and scheming, only up to the point of drawing circles and x’s on a map or schematic. Do not wear your bowling shoes while using a computer or while transporting any item requiring the use of both hands. Bowling, of course, is an approved activity. As are trips to the Land of Make Believe.

bowling shoes no ambition

Bowling Shoes – 55-250rmb

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