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Astonish Your Chinese Friends – Get a Tan

Chinese girls are jealous of your white skin

Your female Chinese colleagues yearn for skin as white as yours. But in reality, you look like you just joined the Little Lord Fauntleroy Society for Albino Hemophiliacs. Your skin tone could use a little bronzing. 


Easy Shopping

Nobody in China wants darker skin! Would a Chinese website such as Taobao even carry a product like this? 

Indeed it would. But while your Chinese friends spend hours comparing the 1.2 million skin-whitening products on Taobao 美白,  you need look through only a few hundred options for tanning lotions 助晒油. Most of them are familiar imports such as Hawaiian Tropic. 

How do you spell that?

If you happen to be looking for Hawaiian Tropic items, note that many listings on Taobao misspell the name. Even though every product image has the name printed correctly, many Taobao Sellers describe it as “Hawaiian Trpoic” products.  A reflection of Taobao’s copy/paste culture, this mistake has been repeated by many different shops.

Buy before you hit the beach

While the markup at most beachside shops is reasonable, this is one product that can be crazy expensive.  So if you want to keep your bronze ambitions, be sure to pack it ahead of time.  With the money you save, you can run over to the tanning booth and start yourself a nice base tan. 

Tanning lotion – 100rmb

 To tan…

…or to whiten?

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