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A Trip to the Bo Staff Factory

There has never been a better time to get into bo staff fighting.

Not only do chicks like guys who have bo staff skills. But now there appears to be a massive bo staff surplus, and at only 50rmb they are priced to sell. 


This guy, who looks a little like Beat Takeshi, seems like he knows his way around this noble weapon. That’s good form.



Each of this Taobao seller’s product listings is accompanied by a generous behind-the-scenes photo tour, such as this one at the bo staff factory. I’m not sure why these guys keep making new ones.  I think they have enough stacked up back there to last a while.



I know what you’re probably thinking. How are they going to ship a huge bostaff to me?


Ahh, that’s how!

So what level would you say your bo staff skills are at right now? 

When you receive your bo staff, you should resist the urge to start swinging it around directly. That’s how accidents happen. 

Instead, check out this bo staff instructional on Taobao. Again they have crafted a detailed photo guide to the basic bo poses. Practice these and you’ll be looking like a controlled kungfu master, instead of a broomstick spaz.


In this photo, it looks like he is going to throw the stick as far as he can, but he is actually pushing against his neck. It’s half neck massage and half stretching exercise. This bostaff is actually described exclusively as a massage stick, not for martial arts.


Good for kicking ass. Good for exercise. Good for decoration. Possibly good for hanging clothes. Get yourself a bostaff!

Martial Arts Stick – 武术棍

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  • Stevo said:

    This was hilarious. You’ve sold me. I’ll buy one just for giggles.

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