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A Sparkly Lighting Upgrade for only 40rmb


Better Lights Make You Happy

My first room in Shanghai had some horrible lighting. It was a cold fluorescent dome on the ceiling with Mickey Mouse painted on it. It was impossible to feel happiness in that room until I switched the light out.

Small and Portable Lighting Upgrade

Don’t you put up with crappy lighting. You deserve better. An easy lighting upgrade would probably make you much happier. I’m a big fan of this kind of low warm lighting.  Very nice and romantic. And super cheap.

Test it out in different spots

There is definatley at least one space in your house that could use something like this. Pick one of these up and try it in different places around the house. Maybe out on the balcony. Or behind a curtain or something. Find the right place and it is magic. At only 40rmb, why not?

Sparkly star light – 40rmb


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  • Stevo said:

    Bought one. Pretty cool. Not quite as powerful as the photo. Still cool, though. I may buy another. Funky lights rule.

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