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A Racecar Bed for a New Generation

Adults deserve awesome beds too

When I was a kid, there were some things that I decided I wanted even if it took me a million years to get. A racecar bed is at the top of that list. But I got too tall to fit into my precious racecar bed. Seems they don’t make them for people over 5 feet.


Enhanced dreaming techniques

Every night I go to sleep in my Ikea Hopen filled with rage that it doesn’t have faux wheels. I’m sure that the dreams I have are 50% less awesome than they would be. 

Kubrickian design

Then I found this one. It looks even cooler than the racecar bed of my fantasies. It’s like a space racecar. If Kubrick saw this one back in the day, it for sure would have been the 2001: Space Oddessy official bed of the future.

Spacecar Bed – 1750rmb


  • Swiss James said:

    Pretty fricking sweet- I want one too.

    What’s with the his and hers corkscrews on the bedside table though? That’s normally the first sign that you’re drinking too much.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Good eyes identifying those as corkscrews! Maybe a sign that *you’re* drinking too much?

  • D J said:

    I want this! The link doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find it on taobao. Any chance you can find an active link or share some search tips (I’m searching 车 床)? Thanks!

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