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A Kilo of Hainan Island Sand

sanya family

I did nothing!

Now that we are turning the corner on winter, I have realized that I have not yet scheduled my annual cold-weather-escape trip to Sanya. That makes me 0 for 3 on my annual activities. I did not manage to make it to Dino Beach water park, nor did I go for outdoor lasertag. Nor did I replace these with any other suitable activities.

Rather than moap around feeling like a total failure, I intend to do something about it. Schedule a last-minute trip to the island? No way! Who has the time?

sanya sand on finger

My Sand Scheme

Instead, I plan to purchase a bag of genuine Sanya Island sand, and sprinkle it into my luggage. Then I will trick myself into thinking that I did actually go to Hainan, and did subsequently enjoy some relaxation from the experience.

sanya sand


Sanya Sand – 10rmb per kilo

If you are planning a trip to the beach, don’t forget our favorite – the Waboba Ball!

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