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5 Retroclassic Lounge Chairs for Cheap on Taobao

Designer Styles at Ikea-Like Prices

Before you run out to Ikea to furnish your new China pad, consider Taobao. Along with an Ayi, these fantastic retro replicas are a major benefit of living in China, and are not to be passed up. Even if you are already furnished, you know you could be spending your time on this earth in considerably better style. So go for it. These can be made-to-order so you can even try customizing the color to match your current environment. 

Arne Jacobson’s Egg Chair

Danish designer Arne Jacobson is responsible for the Egg Chair and its little cousin the Swan Chair. Like most of these styles, this one is circa 1950’s. This era seems to be the sweet spot for retrofuturistic furniture styles. And the Egg Chair is the standard. Best deployed in pairs.


The Egg Chair on Taobao – about 3,000rmb

Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair

Some Ball Chairs are actually misidentified as Egg Chairs on Taobao. These look very very cozy and great for adding some color and warmth to a rainy Shanghai day. Best deployed in areas where peripheral vision is not essential.  


The Ball Chair on Taobao – about 2,000rmb

George Nelson’s Marshmallow Sofa

This one looks like a massive drum set. The colors are customizable, and you can alternate the colors on each pad. Despite its name, I think this one is least likely to be cozy for the home. Best deployed in the lobby.


The Marshmallow Sofa on Taobao – 2,000rmb – 6,000rmb

Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair

 This one was created in 1948 by a Finnish designer. And I think it is my favorite. It sticks close to normal conventions but still captures the mood of the above chairs. And I think it would win in a comfort comparison. Best deployed at home, with a complementary endtable to hold your Scotch.


The Womb Chair on Taobao – 2,000rmb to 4,000rmb

George Nelson’s Coconut Chair

Shaped like a coconut wedge, this may actually be the most versitle piece of the bunch. If you want to selectively upgrade your pad but are worried about clashing with your current collection, start with a Coconut Chair. Best deployed anywhere.


The Coconut Chair on Taobao – from 1,500rmb

Are Lounge Chairs on Taobao Awesome?

After a long day of doing whatever it is you do, you deserve to rest in style. Get yourself one of these sweet chairs and be glad that you did.


  • fredo said:

    6 pcs od Arne Jacobsens seriers 7 arrived safetly to the crib today. Cheaper than the suckiest ikea chair and pretty close to Arnes original work. Taobao scores again!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Series 7. Yeah those would be like regular dining room chairs. Very clean. These old designs are timeless. It seems like humans could have stopped creating new furniture styles at the end of the 1960’s, and we would have been fine.

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