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1987: a Good Vintage for Tea


The Tea Snob

I’ve been meaning to learn a little something about tea for… oh about five years. I imagine immediately turning my expertise into snobbery.

“I only drink qiaomu 1987.”

That’s what I would say. Then I would slide the teapot back at the waiter. Cut to me smelling my precious qiaomu 1987 and nodding my head in approval.

This tea gets its name from the year the brand was started – the leaves you buy are actually fresh picked circa 2008, and will need to be stored in a dry place for five or ten years. Just like wine, it gets better the longer it ages.

Click through for an impressive photo-tour of tea production and extreme tea close-ups that are perfect for a soon-to-be expert like me. Qiaomu 1987

Tea – 茶

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