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愤青 T-shirt lets everyone know you are a ‘cynical youth’

What is 愤青

愤青 fengqing apparently means angry, cynical youth. With this cool shirt, you can announce to the world that you’re mad and you probably hate stuff.  The font is just right.

But type fengqing into Taobao and you get a few other shirts.

On one hand there is this guy:

That’s pretty much me. But it is not very fengqing.

On the other hand, you get this guy:

That is the ultimate in fengqing style. And you see what kind of guy gets the girl.

You girls are terrible!

Girls always appreciate fengqing style. But those boys are no good. They won’t treat you right!

Speaking of girls, Laobanniang tries to convince me that these T-shirts are not as cool as I think. What’s your impression?

愤青 fengqing T-shirt – 42rmb

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