China’s National Day — October 1 — is coming right up. It’s an important historical occasion, celebrating the anniversary of the founding of modern China, but even people who don’t care about that have something to get excited about because it comes along with a full week of vacation.
It’s also a good excuse to decorate with red — red is pretty much China’s color of choice for every holiday, actually — and Taobao sellers have got basically everything you need to turn your home into a patriotic wonderland. The basics, …

Following Taobao’s recent update, we needed to adjust some of our tutorials. The following Field Guides are new, revamped or otherwise updated. If you see anything that needs an update, please let us know in the comments. 

Registering for an Alipay Account
Alipay – Your Transaction Control Panel
Alipay – Checking Your Order Status
Alipay – Paying and Other Transactions 
Getting a Refund After Receiving the Product


McDonalds will open an online ordering channel through Taobao in two short days. They are kicking off their online business with cheap 16.50rmb meals and a laptop giveaway. The laptop looks like a Lenovo, which is also rumored to be considering Taobao as the platform for online distribution of custom built PCs. Mickey D’s Delivery Pro Tip: Fries never arrive fresh. Switch to corn. 

Need another hint about sign-up? Here is a brief overview.

1. Username: in English or Chinese – either is okay. You can enter from 5-20 characters. Click the button underneath to see if the name is available.
2. Password: 6-16 characters Make it a good one (with a number and a symbol) Otherwise Taobao will bother you to change it all the time.
3. Enter your password again: the tiny blue triangle in the text box will turn green if the passwords match, and red if they don’t match
4. E-mail address: Expect …