Taobao news

Diablo 3 sneaks on to Taobao

The spoilsports at Blizzard have been holding off the official Chinese launch of Diablo 3, leaving many a frustrated gamer in their wake.

Tmall App Arrives on the iPhone

China’s smartphone shopper’s prayers have finally be answered, the largest B2C e-commerce site in the country – Tmall has now launched an iPhone app.

Taobao’s Model Delivery Service

Taobao, is China’s number one online shopping portal, but there’s still plenty of potential growth in the market.

Pinterest Chinese Style – Wantu Arrives on the Market

Taobao has now launched the latest in a succession of Chinese Pinterest clones, Wantu.

Taobao gears up for Mobile Shopping Boom

Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous in China’s Tier 1 cities, anyone who is anyone has the latest Apple or Samsung handset artfully kept in view.

Surf and Shop with the Taobao Browser

The clever folks at Taobao have finally woken up to the possibilities of combining their shopping service with a dedicated browser.

Sky Cat comes to Tmall in Person

You may have heard that the B2C web presence that is Tmall is rebranding in Chinese. If you have you may know that the company will henceforth be known as “Sky Cat”.

Grey Market iPhones take a well needed rest on Taobao?

Given that Apple products are always in high-demand in China, there’s no big surprise that many vendors try and turn a quick buck by importing grey market iPhones to retail on Taobao.

Taobao Tests TV Home Shopping

Coming up on March the 6th through to the 8th, there’s a whole new side of TV taking place on Tmall.

Angry Birds Opens a Shop on Tmall

In the spirit of this Chinese enthusiasm, Taobao will now be marketing (via Tmall) the official Angry Birds shop online for China.