Cool Stuff to Buy

Must-Have Goods For China’s Leftover Women

Can’t find a husband? Console yourself with some ‘leftover woman’ products on Taobao.

The Diaoyu Islands Dispute Hits Taobao

Show your support for China with Diaoyu Islands merchandise from Taobao.

The Unstoppable Robot Army of Huizhou

The Iron Legend workshop in Huizhou is quietly assembling an army of killer robots, to be deployed nationally to protect strategically significant locations. We take a photo tour.

A Rough iPhone 4S China Buying Guide

When the opportunity came up to buy the wife a new phone for Christmas, I hit Taobao in search of the best deal. Here is what I found!

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China’s Call of Duty fans gear up in Ghost’s tactical jacket

A while back I proclaimed that all my future purchases were going to be tactical. Being a male just past caring-about-fashion age and not yet outside of the pretending-I’m-a-soldier phase, I have found military-inspired clothing to be just the thing to give me my manly edge.

Taobao Opens a New Furniture Store

Taobao moves to out of the strictly online world to open a physical store in Beijing.

Lamborghini Starts Selling on Taobao Mall

Lamborghini is another in the long line of big brands to realize that to exist in the minds of the Chinese consumer, you need to be on Taobao.

iPad 2 Hits Taobao for the Rich and Impatient

iPad 2 MANIA has gripped China, with long nasty lines at the official Apple stores. I am going to skip the lines and pick one up on Taobao.

Emulation Stations: Game Consoles with Classic Video Games

A wonderful trip back to memory lane with a new twist.