Cool Stuff to Buy

How Chinese Gamers Access Pokemon Go with Taobao

Pokemon Go is not released in China, but Chinese Pokemon fans are able play with the help of Taobao

Taobao Helps Defeat Your Husband’s Mistresses

You suspect – no you know – that he is having an affair. What can you do? Where can you turn in this difficult and confusing time? Turn to Taobao.

Buy Weibo Fans on Taobao

I’ve been using Weibo pretty hardcore recently, using it to improve my Chinese. What I have learned it that it is pretty important to be hong (红, popular).

China’s Nunchuck Fight Club

If you wanna learn the sticks, you gotta tangle with the master.

Rent a Beijing Girl on Taobao

Chen Xiao decided to sell herself on Taobao. Or at least rent herself out, 8 minutes at a time.

Male Size-Enhancing Padded Speedos

Ask for the cup size you’d like to be.

Taobao Specials for the Rich and the Poor

Since China’s shift to a capitalist economy some 30-odd years ago, some people have gotten rich. Many of those people have children, and China is now dealing with its first generation of what are called fuerdai: second-generation rich.

Weird Things on Taobao to Help With Your Exams

As school gets back into session and China’s students prepare for another year of high-pressure tests, what better time could there be to take a look at some of the mysterious tools on Taobao that can supposedly help you with your studies.

Defending the Diaoyu Islands, Taobao Style

Taobao vendors are cashing in on the nationalist craze to “defend the Diaoyu” from the Japanese.

Selling the Loser Identity on Taobao with “Diaosi”

Diaosi has come to define China’s downtrodden. And of course, while they might be poor, they still have some money, and that means sellers on Taobao are marketing to them.