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When You Receive Your Package

You have received your treasure! Good for you. Now it’s time to tell Taobao that your transaction is a success, and that the Seller can receive the money. Check below to find the scenario that best describes you.

The Treasure is Good, and I’m a Lazy Guy

No need to proceed. The following process is 100% optional. If you receive your treasure and all is well, you can safely forget about this stuff. The Seller will receive the money automatically after a short while. 
If shipped by kuaidi delivery: Taobao will automatically release your money to the Seller after 10 days. If shipped by regular postal mail, Taobao will automatically release your money to the Seller after 30 days.

The Treasure is Good, and I’m a Taobao Superstar

Awesome! Prompt payment makes Sellers happy, and will win you some Red Flowers. 
First be sure to give your treasure a good check-up. If it is something simple such as an SD card or a little stuffed animal, it won’t take you long to confirm that it works as expected. But if it is something complicated, you may wish to take a few days to give it a thorough check-up.  
After you’re sure its good, log into the Manage Transaction screen, and click 确认收货 (confirm receipt of goods).
 Next, find this button, which says the same thing.
Finally, enter your password.
The next screen will give you the opportunity to provide feedback about the seller. Feel free to give him a good rating! 
And if the treasure is not so good? Bummer. Check out our guides to the return and refund process


  • aloha99 said:

    Ok, got all the stuff I ordered from Taobao. Very happy with the prompt service from the vendor. Was now aiming to become a Taobao Superstar but never managed to find the desired pages mentioned above.
    I went to 我的淘宝 which is located on the top right of the page. And then I got lost. I tried 已买到的宝贝 but still did not manage to find the page you mention.

  • aloha said:

    ok today when I tried to chat with a seller I got this notice in Chinese that asked me to rate my previous purchase. I google-tranlated the all notice and finally did manage to find the page that asked me to rate the goods (or maybe the seller ??) by offering 3 choices : good (red rose), ok, not good.
    The page did not look at all like the ones above so I guess I’ve only been asked to rate the goods.
    FYI it happened more than 10 days after the purchase so money was already given to seller.

  • aloha said:

    I have received my goods and I’m happy with it. Now I want to order more from this seller but I don’t remember the link. Is there a way to see all the goods bought before on Taobao ?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Aloha, Yes, what you did (giving red roses/ giving review of the seller) is a part Lazy Laoban never does on Taobao, he’s a jerk, always wait till the system to automatically confirm for him after many days. you’re much better than him. haha! sellers love you! if you want to find the old items you already bought, just go to “我的淘宝”(my taobao), click on the 3rd item on the left navigation bar, it’s called “已买到的宝贝”(babies I already bought); to view all items one seller lists, just click the biggest orange button at the left side of the product page, where it says “进入掌柜店铺”, meaning entering this shop for more products.

  • niquhs said:

    I recently bought some stuff on taobao which I’m happy with. But I couldn’t seem to be able to 确认收货 (confirm receipt of goods), as my MAC doesn’t display the portion where I have to key in my password in order to release the $$ and to evaluate. Is it a problem only for MAC users?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Niquhs, Yes, the compatibility of the security plug in on taobao is not very good, many Mac and non IE users had reported unable to type in password. You’re lucky that you didn’t have this problem in paying for the product, so you can still use your mac to buy stuff… Currently there’s no improvements on this yet… it’s okay not to 确认收货 tho, alipay will automatically release your money to the seller after 10 days. =P

  • Véronique said:

    With your help, taobao is so much fun! I have made three small purchases since the beginning of the week…

    Shopping tip for the girls: One of the item I bought was from simplecut.com.cn. A shop with really nice and affordable clothes. And top quality!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Thanks for the hot tip on simplecut! They will be our featured post today~

    By the way, your website, http://www.cincincina.splinder.com , I cant get it to load?

  • Véronique said:

    Same problem as blogspot… have to use a proxy to see it in China.

    Again thanks for this very useful and complete taobao guide. Will let you know if I find other nice shops!

  • tannis said:

    how do i cancel a confirm payment? because i clicked wrong button so i released my money to the seller. Can i get it back or? Answer fast plz 🙂

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Tannis, the only way to do that is talk to the seller FAST. =) make sure the item is not delivered yet, make an apology and apply for refund. follow our refund guide here.

  • Who put my baby in the corner? said:

    So here’s a fun question. The seller says he shipped my baby. Kuai di says he delivered my baby. One or more of these statements is incorrect – because I’m, tragically, still baby-less. It’s been five days. 我怎么办了!? Tactics & battle plans welcome.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi, you can go to “已买到的宝贝”, click “查看物流”(under the price of this item), you’ll see how and when this item is delivered. You can look for these informations: 运单编号(kuaidi tracking ID), 物流跟踪(there’s a link to the kuaidi company website where you can get complain/service hotline number if needed, and if someone has already received the package and signed it, you can see the name of this person who took the package, last line, in orange.) Check if your reception girl took it for you. Good luck~

  • J said:

    Manage Transaction Page… right. Where would THAT be? And what’s it called in Chinese?
    What if I was out of town when the package came and the money’s been released but I’d still like to offer positive feedback. How do I do that?

  • laobanniang said:

    You can find it by clicking “My Taobao”(我的淘宝), then “stuff i bought”(已买到的宝贝), or just click here. There you’ll see a list of things you just bought, including the ones that’s automatically confirmed by Taobao for you. At the right side, under the grey little flags, you can find the option to give a feedback on each item, Chinese characters for the links are “评价”.

  • Gino said:

    It’s been 5 days already, and I haven’t received any of the three items I ordered. In Alipay it says 等待对方发货 but it doesn’t say 买家已付款,等待卖家发货 as it was mentioned in the tutorials here. I’m sure I paid though because my balance has fallen. I paid and ordered on the 21st and it is the 26th. Is it okay to still be waiting or should the packages have come already? Thanks!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Gino, You have paid for the item. I’m guessing this seller doesn’t have the thing you wanted. If you don’t want to continue to wait, you can go ahead apply for a refund. please check out this guide.

  • Maartje said:

    I just received the first package I ordered. Now I want to confirm my payment, but it seems not so easy as written above.
    To start, I cannot find the button and screen in which I have to insert my password.
    I can find the item I ordered and the big blue button ”confirm”, but when I click that one, I need to activate my Alipay account.
    Is this how it’s supposed to go?
    By the way, I put money into my Taobao-account by going to the post office and using the wang hui E. Thanks!

  • linlin said:

    I just received my stuff and now I want to confirm its receipt and leave feedback. I found the page you described above but when I entered my password in the space which says “请输入支付宝账户支付密码” it says that my password has been temporarily locked (密码暂时锁定). Any idea what this means? And how I can unlock it? Thanks!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Maartje! The money you put into your account by going to the post office and use wang hui E is actually in your Alipay account. Alipay to Taobao is just like Paypal to Ebay. They’re linked together. What you should do now is to activate your Alipay account. Follow this guide. or you can check out Philip’s comments under this post and see how he did it. We’re not very sure why sometimes some users will be prompted to activate the alipay account seperately.

  • anastazia said:

    ok i am a taobao superstar almost! so thanks for all the great links and tips! but now i ordered an item, and its really awful! i want to get a refund, but the problem is, that i have been trying to contact the seller and he is not replying… any advice?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Anastazia, DON’T 确认收货(confirm your payment) if you’re not satisfied with the product, if the seller ignores you, just go ahead apply for a refund. check out this guide. If the seller still have no reaction, Taobao will automatically get your money back in 7 days.

  • Krystal said:

    Any idea why my tracking number for ShenTong international express does not display any tracking informations? Will ShenTong misplace my products? O no, how long will my little baby arrive. And the person I communicate with does not know English. I had a hard time typing chinese.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Krystal, There might be 3 possibilities. 1, the seller input the wrong tracking number; 2, The seller filled in the delivery sheet but the package is not picked up by the Shengtong company yet; 3, when filling in the delivery information, the seller didn’t use the Shentong kuaidi API on Taobao site, so Taobao can’t track the info directly. Here’s a handy website where you can track your packages. Input the tracking number (运单号码) you find on Taobao into the corresponding Kuaidi company search field, (for Shentong, it’s currently the field at the right side on the top). Then hit search (查询), fill in the captcha, and hit search again. If it still shows no tracking information, you have to talk to the seller and make sure the package is shipped, or ask him/her to provide the correct tracking number. Good luck!

  • Melissa said:

    Hi, this is maybe not be the appropriate page to ask this. but what is this mean? 没有查询到符合条件的运单 but already 卖家已发货.
    and they a kuaidi talked really fast to me on the phone. all that i could catch was 11-11.30am and something about songjian/sengjian ;_; but it’s already passed 12 here. and i’ve asked the receptionist but none. if i failed to received the package, will they resend to me? i wonder why they haven’t called me again. if i’m not available at home, can i tell him to give it to the receptionist instead? really thank you in advance.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Melissa, That means either the seller filled in the wrong Kuaidi number in the order file, or the Kuaidi company is not a commonly used one that Taobao have API connection to. Anyway, talk to the seller to make sure he gives you the correct name of the Kuaidi company(website address if any) and correct tracking ID. or Ask him to help you call the kuaidi company and tell you what’s the status. The delivery guy has the responsibility to call you if you’re not at home. If your home has a receptionist desk, they can drop it there if the receptionist is willing to help you sign it.

  • Christina said:

    Hello, I’m hoping that you can help me. I’ve been using Taobao quite frequently, but I still haven’t figured out how to confirm that the purchases have arrived. I’m not sure which password that they’re asking for since I have one to log into my taobao account and others for my Alipay account. I’ve tried all of them and none of them seem to work. Please advise. Thanks.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Christina, the password used for confirm receiving the product is your Alipay account password, because this is when you release your money from Alipay to this seller. If you’re sure you typed the password correctly and it still didn’t work, it might be the Alipay security-plug’s incompatibility problem. Try to do it with IE browser on a Windows OS. =)

  • richa said:

    are these stickers available in india??????

  • Miel said:

    Hey , Labanniang i found this, before to give a review to the seller .what this words stand for?


  • Amy said:

    If you get your item sent by COD and after opening the package and inspecting the item you decided not want it, can you ask the kuaidi guy to deliver it back to the seller? Do you have to inform the seller first informing him/her that you will be returning the item?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    You can refuse to sign it and ask the deliverer to take it back, if its quality issues. And many products will have 7 days return no questions asked, if you look for the little “7” badge.

  • Daisy said:

    I contacted the seller about a package and he claimed to ship a week ago. We both believe it should have arrived already. However, I still haven’t received it. If it doesn’t come in the next few days, I don’t need it any more. I chose kuaidi too…

  • Peter said:

    Hi, I wanted to know how shipping works: Does one need to be home when the goods arrive? (e.g. a book, or a fridge)

  • vedran said:

    hi>i dont know how to do shiping worldwide because not give me country,i have pey pall acount but i can finish,my acount i register to vedranvale,can you please check.thanka

  • mel said:

    Hi I need some help. Ican’t seem to type the password in the field…

    支付宝支付密码:[请点此安装控件]is what I see…

    If anyone can advice how can I 确认收货?

  • dana said:

    Hi, how do you let the seller know that you received the goods you ordered. The page takes you to Alipay and asks you to fill up the password. How can I do this if I dont have an alipay acc.? as I dont have an ID to register with them. I do my shopping on taobao through e banking. It`s always very confusing and guessing.
    thanks for any advice!
    good luck

  • Rene said:

    I made a purchase on Nov 7 and all my item received two weeks after and i sign and open up the parcel only to found that one of the item is not inside! So i msg the seller and inform that i have not receive the particular item. I check on their site, it stated that i have sign and receipt the item. I purchase via direct shipping. I have no idea if they did not actually put in their item for shipping or what. I have no idea what to do now. The seller didnt take much effort to follow up with this case and i have no idea how to ask for a refund.
    Many advise is needed ! Thanks!!

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