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What is the Taobao Mall?

taobao orangetaobao mall red

Why is Taobao sometimes red?

You may notice in your Taobao travels that sometimes the Taobao orange color scheme becomes red. You have wandered into Taobao Mall! Don’t worry, it is pretty much exactly the same as Taobao.

What is the main difference between Taobao and Taobao Mall?

Simply put, the shops at Taobao Mall must be registered businesses (they have to pay taxes), and must be registered with Taobao Mall (they have to pay Taobao). So when Nokia or Uniqlo wants to open an official store, they go through the Mall. Also, certain products can only be sold through the Mall, such as sweet, precious booze.

Fully Certified and Buyer-Protected

Taobao Mall products all have the automatic 7-day unconditional return policy, the real-product guarantee and Taobao’s other major certifications. Taobao Mall shops have to lay down a big fat deposit to Taobao to be able to offer these protections.

taobao mall guarantees

These protections are not unique to the Mall – regular Taobao shops can also opt in to them – but Mall shops will automatically all have them.

Pay a little more, feel a little more secure?

What this all boils down to is that you are probably paying a little more for stuff at Taobao Mall, but may have feel a bit more security that the stuff you get is genuine.  In practice, I buy 95% of stuff from Taobao, and my booze from Taobao Mall.


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  • annie said:

    Really, only TMall Shops are allowed to sell booze?! Because I’ve purchased plenty from regular sellers. Guess it isn’t strictly enforced. I know there’s a lot of counterfeit alcohol, but I don’t go for the popular, big or pricey brands that are usually prone to that sort of thing.

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