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Understanding Product and Seller Info

Each product on Taobao has a page with some basic information. This will help you figure out if it is the product for you.

1 and 2: The Product Title and an Image of the Product

Make sure you completely understand what is being offered. Don’t assume what is being offered is what is in the picture. If you are wondering why the mobile phone in the image is being offered for 30rmb, it might be because what’s actually being offered is a case for the mobile phone. At the very least, run the product title through Google’s translator, and even better, ask the Seller to confirm that what you see is what you will get.

3. The Price and the Shipping Options

There will be two or three choices here, including 平邮 regular mail,  快递 kuaidi and EMS. You may also occasionally see 卖家承担运费, which means that the Seller will cover the shipping costs.

 4. Buy It NOW! Button

Despite the title of this button, clicking here will not commit you to buy it immediately. There are more confirmation pages ahead, so don’t worry if you accidentally hit it.

5. Basic Product Stats

Here is where you can find out how many sets of the product the Seller has, where it is shipping from, if it is brand new or second hand, and other various product stats.

6. Basic Seller Stats

Here is where you can find the Seller’s name, feedback rating, and if they are available for online chat.

This panel has information about the Taobao SellerThis only covers standard product and seller information. Scroll down below this panel to discover the real meat of the product description created by the Seller. On the right side is a small panel with information about the seller. There is a lot of information here, but mostly, we will only be looking for the seller’s feedback.

What does this all mean?

1. The Seller’s Taobao username, which may be in Chinese or English.

2. The Seller’s Feedback as a Seller. This is going to be the one you want to pay attention to. Look for the number of transactions and the number of icons — more is better. The icons may be hearts or diamonds. Hearts are good. Diamonds are better. Crowns are best.

3. The Seller’s Feedback as a Buyer. These guys buy stuff too!

4. The Seller’s percentage of good feedback as a seller. This Seller has 99.15% of good feedback. That’s a pretty good rating, but not quite perfect. It might be worthwhile to click through to see what the negative feedback says.

5. Percentage of good feedback as a buyer.

6. When the Seller joined Taobao.

7. The Seller’s Taobao Registration Certificate.

8. Link to see all the Seller’s products.

Like What You See?

When you ready to rock, click on that Buy It Now!  Button to proceed with the purchase.

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