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Transfer Money to Another Alipay User

By Laobanniang!

This could be useful if you need to send someone some money. If the images are too small to read, you can click to view the full version.

First Be Sure Your Friend is Alipay Identity Certified

Just be sure that the person receiving has Identity-Certified their Alipay account. If they are not certified, the money will be locked in their account until they get certified. And that process is kind of a pain.

But, there is another way. If your friend is not certified, you can still use your bank account to charge their Alipay account. If you do that, they can use the money. But, you have to use your bank accont to do that (can’t use the post office recharge slip). And Alipay-bank activities are currently outside the scope of Taobao Field Guide. But if you are already using your bank account with Alipay, and want to send your non-certified friend some money, you can follow this guide too.  The blue text is just for you.

Start the process here:  Alipay – Make a Payment

Choose directly transfer money to your friend. And hit the orange button “下一步(next)”.

select directly transfer to my friend

Notice1 : Alipay may charge service fee, the current promotion (last for 3 month starting from 6/18/2009) is: for certified user, you can transfer as much as 10000 yuan every month free of service charge, if you’re not certified, your monthly limit for free transfer is 1000 yuan. For the overage part, alipay charges 0.5% service fee for the transaction, 1 yuan as the lowest service fee per transaction, and tops at 25 yuan.

For detailed service charging, please click here.  It’s in Chinese.

Notice 2: payment should not exceed 20000 yuan per day. (probably designed against money washing.)

Fill in your information – 1st part

fill in information-1st part

Notice 3: if the receiver is not your friend, we strongly recommend you to use “guaranteed transaction” instead. (guaranteed transaction involves actual product delivery, it works like the normal taobao transaction, i.e. you pay alipay first, and when you receive the good, you confirm the payment, alipay release the money to the seller.)

If the receiver is not an alipay certified user, he can receive the money, but he can’t use it.  It is locked into the Alipay account.

More stuff ahead, fill them in and hit the next button.

fill in information-2nd part

Review your information and input your password

confirm info and input password

Note – if your friend is not certified, you will see TWO buttons at the bottom of this page. Skip to the blue text below.

Now Taobao will ask you if you are sure that you want to send this money. Are you sure? Okay, then select the one in green. And confirm.




Additional guide only for those who’s friend is not certified:

If the receiver is not alipay certified, there will be warning at the bottom of the information confirmation page (like the below screenshot), and there would not be any where to input password, instead, it prompt you to choose the “recharge money for my friend’s account”. (recharge money for my friend’s account is not protected by Alipay, instead of using your money in your alipay account, you’ll be lead directly to charge your friends account from your bank account.)warning if the receiver is not certified user

*1. recharge money for your friend’s account step 1, input your friend’s alipay account email

recharge money step 1

*2. step two, select your bank, and input the amount, and click next to process the recharge. then it leads you to the bank transaction page, which will be very different depending on which bank you’re using, so our guide stops here.

recharge money step 2

Field Guide Complete!

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