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Be a Taobao VIP: Get a 10% Discount

I’m kind of a big deal

I’m a power player. A heavy hitter. Top dog. When I walk into a room, people talk. Someone takes my cape and I am immediatly offered my favorite drink, which everybody knows because… well … because I’m a VIP.

Do you want to be a VIP too?

Taobao offers a VIP program, which is basically just a membership rewards card. If you buy a bunch of stuff, you get a VIP card. And that VIP card makes you eligible for discounts on some Taobao products.

How much do I have to spend?

  • Gold Card (金卡): spend 150rmb on 3 transactions within 1 month
  • Platinum Card (白金卡): spend 1,000rmb on 20 transactions within 2 months
  • Diamond Card (钻石卡): spend 2,500rmb on 50 transactions within 3 months


Once you get a card, you keep it until you go one month with no transactions. Then your card is demoted one rank.

How do I know if I am VIP?

Check your My Taobao page and look for the little VIP button VIP buttonand it will tell you what level you are at.

how do i know if i am VIP

How do I find the discounts?

Discounts are like sweet candy. It is easy to find them. When you are searching for a product, you will see if it offers a VIP discount here, in the search results.

find VIP

If you want to see only VIP discounts, filter the results here.

filter for VIP

How much do I save?

Here I am searching for a super expensive cigar knife, which is exactly the kind of stuff that a top-dog VIP like me buys. Hover over the VIP button and you can see what kind of discounts you are in line for.

vip discounts revealed

Hot bananas! Thats a 10% discount!

My diamond card saves me almost 100rmb. Not a bad reward just for being rich and fabulous. When you checkout, you have the option to refuse the discount, so keep an eye on it here to make sure that your VIP is checked.

checkout vip

If you think you are a Taobao superstar like me, check out your rank and report back in the comments.


  • duboshi said:

    It seems that the information here is out of date. As I understand one needs to get 3000 “points” to become a first level v.i.p. and the v.i.p. status for Alipay works differently. For example, if one spends 10-30 RMB on a transaction, the customer will get 20 points, and I believe there are some points for giving flowers, too, but I’m not sure about that. I would really like to see an up-to-date guide on how to become a V.I.P. quickly and what the benefits are. http://vip.taobao.com/about_vip.htm#vip-way-authority is one webpage that does some explaining, but I don’t understand most of it.

  • Amp said:

    Are the points in Alipay related to the points in Taobao?

    I have no idea how both website calculate the points.
    My points in taobao doesn’t seem to grow after i made transactions with my Alipay which I didn’t link it to taobao(I have 2 Alipay accounts so it’s like i use my friend’s alipay to pay), but the points in Alipay(the account i didn’t link it to taobao) appears

    do you earn points when you use your friend’s account to pay?

Comment on this important issue