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Search Taobao Even Faster

In-Browser Search Engines, Brought to You by TFG

Let’s say you are cruising around the interwebs when you have a brilliant idea to buy some sweet stuff. What do you do?

You might go to taobao.com and search it up. Or if you are really clever, you might come to TFG and run your search from our homepage. But now there are even more clever-er ways to rock your Taobao searches fast.

taobao search engine


You can add a custom search engines to Firefox. Click here to add the Taobao Search. Then to use your new search box, just select Taobao from the drop down menu.


Click here to add the Taobao Search to the IE search box. If you are using IE8, you can install the full Taobao integration, but it may be a bit overwhelming.


Click here to add the Taobao Search to the Safari search box.


Your Chrome might already have actually already ‘autodiscovered’ our Taobao search engine. But with a little tweak, you can make it even more convenient to search Taobao directly from the Omnibox (Address Bar) as well as from the New Tab Page.

search taobao from chrome searchbar

To add this function to Chrome:

  1. Right click on the Omnibox
  2. Select “Edit search engines…”
  3. Find taobaofieldguide.com in the list and select it
  4. Then click the ‘Edit’ button

find taobao field guide chrome edit after

The Name says taobaofieldguide.com, but the search actually goes directly to Taobao. So let’s change the Name to Taobao. And to make it even more convenient, let’s change the Keyword to just the letter ‘t’. That way we can search Taobao directly from the Omnibox by typing “t <space> product name”

Search8 Inside

You may already see Taobao.com in your search engine list. That one is fine to use also, but the Taobao Field Guide version has a cuter favicon, and uses the Search8 technology, which automatically gives priority to the popular products. That’s a big time-saver, as it lets you benefit from other Taobao users’ comparison shopping. Good stuff!

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