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Report Unethical Sellers to Taobao

This is a post made to report unethical behaviors of a Taobao seller. It’s for users who already got the refund but still find it necissary to ask Taobao to punish the seller, to give the world justice! =D

(Please check out the guides to get your money back first if you still haven’t done that yet. refund after receiving the product goes here, and refund if you didn’t receive product goes here.)

Usually when you get the refund, the transaction status would be closed(交易关闭), that means you can’t give reviews (black flowers) to this transaction any more. So the seller will not be punished for doing bad things, unless we find another portal to fire the complain to Taobao about it.  Here is how you do it:

1. go to Taobao Help Page

2. click the notepad icon 我要提问 to submit a case.

2 I have a question

3. click to choose the inquiry catagory as “投诉咨询” (inquiry on complains)and fill in the key issue description.

3 make your point

4 Question type

5 submit your own case

4. click 继续提问 to fill in detailed description of the incident, and upload evidence to prove that seller is doing some unethical tricks during the transaction. Evidence could be: screenshots of wangwang chat message with the seller, scans of kuaidi delivery notes, pictures of the products, scans of identity certifications etc. Files submited should be less than 300K, in the form of jpg, jpeg, png, gif, or more (zip, rar, doc,xls) if you were logged in. Make sure you include the  Transaction ID in the description and tell the story clearly. There’s a word limit for 1000 Chinese charactors, so don’t write a novel about it.

6 describ what happened

5. Hit the big 提交问题(submit) button and you’re done!

Taobao will start to investigate the case within 48 hours, and they’ll send feedbacks to your email. If the story and evidences are concrete, and you win Taobao to back your side, the sell will get punished according to Taobao’s seller regulations, if you’re interested, you can ask Taobao service ppl about it during communication.

With all the methods taughet on TFG to fire complaints and give reviews to the sellers, I still got to say, most of the Taobao shopkeepers are hardworking small businessmen, they cherish every little red flower of satisaction, as this is very important to their business credit. Don’t get too hard at them if it’s not serious ethical problem.

I hope the fewer ppl who needs to reads this post the better.  Also, it is best for all of us, if we can avoid the unpleasent experience at all, check out our guides on how to avoid buying fake products and how to check the reliability of a seller.


  • hayhay said:

    i just lodged a complaint against a seller who’s always not online. i bought something and after 7 days the seller still did not dispatch the item. they also did not do the refund and ended up, taobao had to auto refund me after 3 days. sent countless msgs to seller on alww and they did not reply either. wasted lots of time. it says the outcome is that i won and that i received compensation and the seller also has a 3 point deduction. where will the compensation be credited? i don’t see it in my alipay balance.

  • Ooi Chungchor said:

    Seller closed Goods not receive ,refund was not action taken ,Pending issues since 2014 ,2015 ,Reported no responded ,Find no avenue to appeal to follow my case Kindly trace back my order record to revert to me.

  • Chris Lim said:

    Hi I want to complain, I ordered 4 pillows from taobao web. On the web it shows 48cmx74cm, but I received my pillows it is wrong side 38cmx65cm I SMS to the seller she said they only have one side.
    It is unreasonable.

  • Ahteho said:

    There’s a seller on taobao by the name of bzclub. BEWARE DONT BUY FROM THEM, there was once i gave them one feedback because the shirt they sent me was poorly printed on. The seller instead of being remorseful THREATENED me and said if i didnt changed the feedback he would blacklist me and i wouldnt be able to buy from him, thinking it was just a empty threat i decided to purchase from him a few months later. And he said the same thing. Dont buy from BZCLUB, they’re unethical and really unprofessional.

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