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Paying for your Taobao Order

When you order something, you will automatically be taken to this screen. In most cases, you can enter your password and you’re done. If there are any further questions, then the below guide is for you.

The Payment Password Screen


1. Order Price and Account Balance

Here you see the total price of your current order in orange, and your Taobao account balance below.  

2. Enter Your Password

The text entry box asks for your Zhifubao password (which is probably the same as your Taobao password).

3. Pay for Your Order Button

Clicking this button will release funds from your account into Taobao’s escrow. The money will wait in escrow until you receive the goods and confirm that you are satisfied. If you don’t confirm within a certain time period, the Seller will receive the funds by default. That time period is 10 days if shipped by kuaidi, and 30 days if shipped by postal mail.  

Out of money?

If you reach this screen and find that your account doesn’t have enough funds, you will need to first recharge your account, and then return to this screen through Alipay. The order will be listed in Alipay, with an order status of  等买家付款 waiting for the buyer to pay.

First time? You probably need a security plug in

Alipay keeps your money locked up tight!  If it is your first time, your browser will probably need a small security plug-in. The currently supported browsers are IE and Firefox, and they will soon support Google Chrome.    

Password Field Error?

You may also see a password field that looks like this. If so, you are not using a supported browser, or don’t have the plugin installed. If you see this, you can copy / paste the web address into another browser such as IE and it will take you directly to this screen (after signing in), and it won’t create multiple transactions.

Any questions on this step?

Let me know in the comments.

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  • adam said:

    Im having problems logging in to my alipay account, although I use the correct password it states that the password is incorrect. Im am 100% sure that the password is correct, and I did use it yesterday. How is it possible to reset my password without the secret question (which I never filled out seriously)?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Adam, I recommend you try again later, maybe the error message is caused by bad connection? or using the non-IE browser or non-windows system? If you made sure you already used the correct tools and it still says wrong password, you can input your cell-phone number here to get back your password.

  • Dan said:

    I have a question if anyone can help!
    I have bought football uniform, which came to 38RMB all together. However I also ordered the number printed on the back for an extra 5RMB so the total should be 43RMB not 38RMB.

    However I have only paid 38 and have already received the goods.

    How do I pay the seller the extra 5RMB? – as I am honest!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Dan, you can talk to the seller about this, and ask him to send you a payment request using Alipay. You’ll find the payment request in your Alipay transaction panel once he sent it, and just pay it like any other purchases. Good man! We’re very proud of you! =)

  • devin said:

    I’ve been using Taobao for a few months now and it has been working great. This week, I tried purchasing something and when it came time for me to enter my alipay password, i needed to download another security plugin! I tried downloading several times in both firefox and safari but each still prompts me to install a new security plugin even though they successfully install. I have a mac. Is anyone else having this trouble or am I doing something wrong? Please help!!!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Agreed – Taobao is freaking out for me too. Will pound on it for a while and see what works.

  • laobanniang said:

    Taobao just updated the security plug-in yesterday. Looks like the new version only works fine with IE currently. I really hope it could improve its compatibility soon…

  • Charmaine said:


    Is there any other way to cancel a transaction without requesting a refund. I tried buying something but I do not have enough funds so now I have an open order.

    Thank you

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Charmaine, in this case (that you didn’t pay), you can just ask the seller to close the transaction for you.

  • cicak said:

    Hey there. I got the same problem with adam that I can’t enter my password although I’m so sure that I enter the correct one. I’ve tried billion times – as it said try 3 hours later since the password has been wrong for 3 times- and it was from yesterday. So I’m sure it’s not about the internet connection.
    Before I use the payment by e-banking, but now I’m trying to use the china post since my friend said it’s more simple. Is there any connections with the e-banking setting? I have 300 inside, and it such a langfei if I can’t use it. HELPP!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Cicak, post office recharge has no connection to your e-banking. You problem seem to be with the security plug-in. Have you tried to do this on IE browser and Windows OS? Please do if you haven’t. =)

  • LoriAnn said:

    Is it still not possible to complete payment on a Mac? I was able to do everything else (register for Taobao & Alipay, add the money I paid at China Post, search/shop & check-out) on my Mac using Firefox…

  • LoriAnn said:

    Whew! Just managed to do every step (register for TaoBao and Alipay, add the money I paid at China Post, search for product, make purchase, confirm payment) on my Mac. All the steps except payment were done in Firefox, payment was done on Safari. Thanks so much for all your helpful tutorials, and the comments section which is where I figured out most of these details.

  • Mike said:

    I want to ask if how can I download the Wang Wang Chat, is it like yahoo messenger or msn. plus if I contact the seller with Wang Wang is it okay if I use Pinyin do they understand it? Thanks!

  • nicole said:

    hello..i hope you can help me.i bought 8 shirts from taobao.but was small so i returned it and the seller promise to change the size.but already 2 weeks i not yet receive it and the the taobao already release the money as i saw it in my status.i talk to the seller and he just promise to send it.then i asked if he already receive the shirts but he dont answer me..how to do in this matter?

  • Cleo said:

    Hi! Can somebody tell me how to download the wang wang chat? Thanks

  • viva said:

    hi there. i noted previous comments saying that there is no need to verify Alipay account (实名认证) if the account is meant for buying ($ out) and not for selling ($ in). i read somewhere that says there is a limit of RMB500 per year and therefore some people have their money locked in Alipay, unable to use until next year. can anyone confirm this? another question i would like to ask – i do not have Chinese bank account, if i open an account in their branch in my country (Malaysia) which provides internet banking, will i be able to reload my Alipay? with this local-Chinese account, will i be able to verify my Alipay? thanks ahead for the help. (btw, i’m also unable to use wangwang chat – popup says something like: not a valid win32 application)

  • KTK said:

    Hi there,

    I purchased a Taobao re-charge from the post office. The amount is now showing as “available” in Alipay but when I try to purchase a product on Taobao it re-directs me to China Construction Bank portal. How can I use the money “available” in Alipay?

    Do I need to successfully complete a Bank Card set up to use Alipay?

    I did originally (unsuccessfully) try to link my Chinese bank account with Taobao. However I was unable to complete this as I don’t have all the documents required on my current Tourist Visa.

  • Iain said:

    How do i pay with a debit card

  • Joy said:

    alipay ask for mobile number in 11 digit but i am a singapore buyer. how do i fill in that? i am using BOC credit card.

  • Ashley said:

    Question with payment!
    Can you order straight from the US using US dollars this way instead of having to convert the money into yen and what not?

  • Zorann said:

    I heard i could pay for my item through Circle K in HK?
    Is there any more information about this as I have not been able to google it.

  • jardian said:

    Why i cant enter my card expired date when paying for master card?

  • Clara said:

    I am trying to buy something using Alipay at the moment and have an account. I went to the final pay screen and it is asking for my ID number. I don’t have one as I am an expat with a working visa. How can I purchase things using my Credit card if I don’t have an ID number?

  • Kayla said:

    Hi, I’m using a Mac and I can’t go past anything which requires the security plug-in. Once I have installed it, the blank to input my password has disappeared. Hence I can’t key in anything. Is there a way to get past it?

  • Ajeet said:

    Hello taobaofieldguide,

    I used my bank of china card online banking to pay for order two times, but the status shows non-payment , but my account has been deduced with the amount. How can i deal with this problem ?

  • @shanghai said:

    this is the first time im using china merchant banks online shopping usb.i have enough money in my account but i cant use it?? i even went to the bank but they said it will not work in Win7.. do i have to use vista or other OS’s??

  • Haura said:

    hi. I have put money as the field guide said by the post office. now i want to buy some stuff, but if the alipayment page appears and asks for my password i can not enter and finish my order. now i am really confused because i am not sure anymore, what my password was because it seems that the one i thought it is is wrong. therefore i clicked on the sign which says change password, but i am not allowed to do that. because my account is not completed? does this make any sence? pls help me…there are now 200€ which i apperently can’t use..

  • kate said:

    Hi. Im using taobao for the first time. i transferred money to my alipay account but when it came to paying for transaction it told me that the password is wrong. is it the same password i entered in post office? then there is some problem with id card… seems my money stuck there:( is there any solution?

  • Anu said:

    Hey .. i’m done adding my stuffs to the cart .. but when i click that yellow button to buy its showing an error like this .


  • Pablo said:


    Thank you very much for this wonderful website! I just have a big problem when I want to confirm the payment at Alipay site. I have money on my account and it ask me for the way I want to use to make the payment (bank cards, telephone, and other things), but I cannot find the way to use the money that I already heve in my account to pay!!! Maybe they changed this part of the process and this is not on your tutorial yet? Please, heeeelp! Thank you!

  • Ronald said:


    i would love to start but thanking u for your great site.. well i have a problem with the 支付宝支付密码. how do i get this coz it seems i need it for confirmation of purchases. when i try to set up a new password on the alipay page it requires an ID number. what the work around for this

  • stacey said:

    I have the same issue as Ronald above. How do I get around this?

  • Ching said:

    Hi, this is my first time using Taobao but I don’t have funds in my account so I want to cancel the order.. How do I contact the seller?

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