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Introducing Search8 Technology

TFG Labs has been hard at work. In persuit of our mission to bring you the very best that Taobao has to offer, we now introduce our Taobao Search panel! Update: if you like Search8, you can take it to go with your favorite browser.

Search8 is the Solution

This search bar is an enhanced version from what you would get from the Taobao.com homepage. Searching from Taobao.com would send you to search1.taobao.com…. but Search8 does some extra heavy lifting to filter and sort the products.

Search8 is a solution to one of Taobao’s big problems – the problems of Sellers listing products that they do not actually have. Search8 solves the problem by requiring Sellers to put a small percentage of the cost back into the Taobao system. It is a step that most legitimate Sellers are happy to make, since they expect a successful transaction. Best of all, the Field Guide gets a small percentage of that small percentage. So we can buy something funny, and report back to you guys about it.

When you run a search through Search8, it takes a couple more seconds because it also sorts by popularity, which is a great idea when buying from Taobao, as you benefit from all the comparison shopping done by all the other Taobao shoppers.

The Translation Station

This simple box will instantly translate English to Chinese. Just type in your word, click the “Translate” button and presto! The translated Chinese word will be retrieved from Google Translate.

When you have your Chinese search words, you can copy/paste them into the Taobao Search box above. It’s pretty easy, but you can check out our little tutorial if needed. These should be useful tools in your Taobao journey. If you have any questions using them, let us know!

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