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How Taobao’s “Popular” Button Reveals the Best Deals



Taobao Search Case Study: SD Cards

Hey, I’m going shopping! You can come with and see how good I am at finding sweet stuff. Today I need a couple SD cards. You can never have too many SD cards. 

First I will go to Taobao and type in SD.  Wow, nearly 50,000 results. Maybe you can have too many SD cards. I don’t want to look through all that, so we are going to use a cute little button to help us sort them out.



The Best Search Tool: The Popular Button


I am going to click on the 人气 button. It means popular and it will help us find stuff that other people are buying. Why is this useful? Consider the top result now. It is 88rmb for a 2GB card. That’s about triple what it should cost. Why are we seeing this poor choice at the top? Only because it patiently waited in line until it was it’s turn to be at the top. You can see on the right that it only has 4 minutes left, then it goes back to the end of the line. Products in the normal search are sorted like that. But when we click 人气, we will see the good stuff at the top. 

The Popular Products

Now see the top results: a 4GB card for 48rmb and a 2GB card for 27rmb. Much better deals. 


When we click in to check them out, we can find out how many people have bought them in the last 30 days. Here it is 582 transactions. That’s a lot! So we know that over 500 people think this is a good deal. 


The Fastest Way to Search

When you don’t really know which one is a good deal, just go for 人气, and it will tell you all. If you want to see what happens next, check out our guide to buying (orange button), or our new guide to the shopping cart feature (blue button).

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  • Gao YiShen said:

    When you filter according to sales volume? Does it show the sales from 1 seller? or from all the sellers selling the same product?

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