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Find the Perfect Treasure with Search Filters

Find what is in stock

One of the biggest problems on Taobao is ordering something and then finding that it is out of stock. While the best way to combat this problem is to ask the Seller if they have it in stock, this is another good way is to click the button that sorts by Units Sold 销量.
This button will put the ones that have sold the most on top. While this system is sometimes cheated by Sellers, it is a pretty good way to find the listings that other careful shoppers have selected, and which are probably in stock! Just under my annotation for LOCATION, you will see what that this seller has recently sold 140+ units of that SD card, which makes that listing a pretty good bet.


Other Filters


The first filtering opportunity is with the product category. These text links display all the categories and subcategories that have results matching your search term. Click on any of them to see only things in that category.


Next, you can click on the 价格 price to arrange them by price with the lowest costs at the top (not including delivery costs).
If you want to find items in a certain price range, type in your low or high costs here. This is useful if you want to find accessories for your phone, and you want to filter out the very cheap stuff and listings selling the phone itself.


Filtering by location can save you time and delivery costs. This is also particularly important if you want to buy large things. Many Sellers of large, bulky items deliver themselves if it is within the same city.
These are just the quickest, easiest ways to find what you want. As you can tell, there are many other things that you can filter (such as second hand products, bulk purchases and Sellers overseas).
Do you use any other search filters?


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