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Buying on Taobao from Hong Kong

Howdy, Hong Kong!

We’re not from Hong Kong, so we’re not too sure about the exact procedures for buying from the SAR. But we do know this much:

  • You will need to be registered as a HK user on Taobao and Alipay
  • You will need to have a Visa card issued by HSBC, Standard Chartered or DBS Bank

Not sure if you are registered as a HK user?

Here’s how you can check. First go to the recharge money screen. You should see a Visa symbol as shown below. Only HK-registered accounts are able to see the Visa symbol. 

HK Visa Taobao

What Next?

If you have made it to this step, you are probably pretty smart. Check out the Taobao offical Hong Kong User Guide here. We’re not HK registered, so let us know if the actual Taobao website is not as shown in the official guide. Drop any additional knowledge in the comments!

Big thanks to commenter Shiela for being our test subject.


  • CHAN said:

    As of year 2010, those who live in Hong Kong can pay by using prepaid credits bought from Circle K, 7-11 etc. Your order can be delivered to:

    1. Your selected Circle K store
    2. Taobao’s official ‘store’ in Mong Kok
    3. Your home

    Prepaid credits: HKD 200, HKD 500, HKD 1000, HKD 2000 are the choices.
    You buy them, and then go home, input the long number (I think 22 digits) in your account and can use that to pay for your products.

  • charlotte said:

    can u teach me how to do that? i order in stuff in taobao, but i have to pay 500 rmb in every transaction in my sister inlaw to buy different stuff…but if i can pay through 7-11 then i can save more money.. hope youll help me in this matter

  • charlotte said:

    i currently stay in hk, and i dont have visa card to use in payments,, i want to try your suggestion in the future,, thanks a lot

  • just me said:

    You can also use Bank of China HK Visa Card up to RMB 5000

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