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Buy Multiple Products with the Shopping Cart


What is the difference?

The shopping cart is useful if you are buying multiple, different products. It will collect your products in a cart for you to checkout all at once. It also lets you consolidate shipping, if you buy multiple products from one Seller.

If you are only buying one product, then you might prefer the orange button.  Check out our normal Guide to Buying on Taobao. 

Click the Blue Button

This will add stuff to your shopping cart. 


The popup

Now a popup will appear. If you want to view your shopping cart, click the one on the left. If you want to keep shopping, click the one on the right, or just click the X to tell the box to go away.



When you are ready to view your shopping cart and checkout, you can also click this little button, which is at the top of every screen. 



The Shopping Cart Screen

Your shopping cart will look like this. You can adjust your order quantity here. There is also support for  promotional discount features, but I didn’t get any discount on this order. (无优惠) If I am lucky enough to get a discount someday, I’ll post about how excited I get.  


The Checkout Screen

Notice that the subtotal above is 136.50. When we click through to the next screen, our shipping options appear and the shipping charges are added. Since I am buying two things from the same Seller, there is only one shipping fee. 



The next step should be familiar. Just enter your password. And then you are done!


Hey nice job! You did great out there. If you have any trouble with this stuff, let us know in the comments.


  • nicekris said:

    i tried to buy several items from the same buyer, but when it comes to the payment site i will be ask to pay the shipment fee for each single item. Thats unacceptable to me. Is there any option to pay the shipping fee only once, since these are all tiny items.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Nicekris, the shopping cart is good for consolidating purchases from ONE seller, so you don’t have to wait for the seller to deduct extra shipping fee generated by taobao system for every single products. If you buy from multiple sellers, who don’t know each other, they’ll have to fulfill the shipping separately.

  • kingmob said:

    There are sellers who are not set up properly for the cart. You will be charged shipping for each item even though they are all from one seller. I think you can have the seller manually adjust the shipping, but I don’t know how.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Kingmob, you can just leave a message to the seller to ask him/her to manually adjust the shipping. when it’s done, Taobao will send you an email to notify you the total price has changed.

  • aloha said:

    How to ask in Chinese for the seller to adjust the shipping price ??

  • laobanniang said:

    It’s “请帮我改一下运费”.

  • aloha said:

    One vendor took upon him to send me back the extra money I paid for the shipping by putting the money in the package (I did forget to ask him to adjust the price when I ordered). Needless to say I gave him good feedback.

  • laobanniang said:

    That’s a good vendor! Congrats Aloha~ =D

  • Donita said:


    hello dears!

    I have a question. when i try to buy multiple products from one Seller, it doesn’t work and it is looking error “您添加的宝贝种类已经达到上限了”. But I have enought yuan at my account. I already had made many purchase, but I didn’t face with a such problem. How can I solve it. Please help me.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Donita, We’re not sure how you can have saved so many products in your shopping cart that it actually reaches it’s limit… I guess the only thing to do is to delete some of the products that you don’t really want? or buy them in several separate purchases?

  • LoriAnn said:

    I bought 3 separate items from one seller and the shipping showed up as though I had to pay for each one. I messaged the seller, who explained that their shop would automatically adjust the price before I paid. I’d wait and make sure they did before I sent through the payment, but it seems like this is just the way a lot of sellers manage it (especially in cases like this, where their shipping rate is based on weight, so it’s hard to have TaoBao calculate in advance).

  • Calvin said:

    Hi there,

    I currently live in hong kong and i’ve added money to my account via the circle K chain stores, so on http://www.taodot.com, i’ve stored all the items in the shopping cart and click buy now. Unfortunately, all my detail I have input is correct except for the telephone number, I have tried to input my hong kong telephone number, as well as putting the area code (852) in front of it as well and it still comes up as invalid, despite hong kong being an area which they ship to. Can anyone tell me where i’ve gone wrong, or whether there are any loop holes through this? That would be very much appreciated.

  • Tim said:

    Right when i entered my password, a popup appeared stating that i do not have the right to do this, and the page refreshed and my shopping cart was emptied. i then proceeded to reselecting all of my items to try to purchase again, since my account still had the same unchanged balance.
    However now when i click proceed to checkout, this appears “由于您的买家信用度处在0-3分之间,可以出价5次,再次出价必须在支付宝付款或交易关闭后进行,具体请看:“淘宝出价规则”。 “

  • Derek said:

    Calvin – how do you add money to your TaoBao/Alipay account at Circle K stores? And what is the connection between TaoBao and TaoDot?

  • princessevin said:

    hey, im from malaysia, i wan to buy from Taobao. But i cant read chinese. Furthermore, all my agent charge me so high. so i would like to ask, if i wan to buy taobaoi without Agent, can u teach me how to buy?

  • bicta said:

    hey plz can someone help me and explain to me how i can buy somethings from this site web and recieve it in frensh , what i have to make ???

  • djo said:

    hello i try to buy some cloth from taobao ,but the problem i dont know how is work i live in france , how is possible to can make commande , what the first step i have to do it

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