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Alipay – Your Transaction Control Panel


How to find Alipay

This is where you can manage all your Taobao transactions in one place. Here is a direct link to the Alipay Control Panel.  If you are looking for this page later, here is how you find it.   

  • Starting from Taobao’s main page, click on 我的淘宝 My Taobao, at the top of the page.
  • Then on the My Taobao page (pictured here), click on 管理交易 (manage transactions).


The Alipay Control Panel


How much money do I have on my account?

Check the green circle. I’m rich!


Here you see your most recent transactions, including date, Seller info, etc…


This is where you see what’s going on with your order (if it has shipped or not). Check out our sub-guide to Alipay order status


This is where you want to look when you want to pay for your order, confirm that you received the order, etc… Check out our sub-guide to payment and other Alipay transactions.

Any problems here?

Let us know in the comments.


  • Yenty said:

    I have a question..is there a maximum for shopping using alipay at taobao?and can i upgrade it?

  • carmen said:

    can you take your money out after putting reloading your credit in Alipay?

  • D said:

    I’d really appreciate some help on this. I’ve been all over the place on this website looking for an answer.

    I’ve previously purchased from Taobao, although its been a few months since my last purchase. I just recharged my account from a post office Wang Hui E.

    I picked out something to purchase and get all the way to the payment screen. The payment screen shows the current amount deposited into my alipay account, the cost of the product i wish to purchase and a field to enter my password. However, when I try to enter my alipay password, it comes up saying “支付密码错误,请重新输入” meaning I entered my password incorrectly.

    I’m not sure if this is related, but I forgot my taobao password and had to get a password reset. This was done successfully (obviously if i can login to tao bao). I also go directly to alipay.com and am able to login to my account there using my taobao email address and password.

    I’m not sure why its not accepting my password on cashier.alipay.com during the taobao checkout process. I’ve tried to click on “找回支付密码” to retrieve my password. When I do so, clicking on the “淘宝会员” or Taobao Member, i’m able to successfully login to my account with taobao username and password.

    Just to make sure something wasn’t up, I went ahead and clicked on “忘记密码?” to recover my password. During this process of entering my username (email) it indicates that I haven’t activated my email. No problem, I tell it to send me a confirmation email. When this email arrives it says:

    亲爱的会员:XXXXXX@gmail.com 您好!


    1. 登录密码:与您注册淘宝账户时设置的密码一致
    2. 支付密码:与您注册淘宝账户时设置的密码一致

    This leads me to believe that my taobao account and alipay account are still active, and that its been succesfully confirmed.

    In fact, I can go to alipay and login to my alipay account and see pending transactions. If i try to go to one of these transactions and click on the payment buttons, “付款” it takes me to the taobao/alipay screen with the total funds in account, the cost of the product that i wish to purchase and the normal space to enter my password. And of course the password isn’t accepted.

    I’ve tried using Firefox and IE on a windows machine.

    What’s going on here? Am I missing something

  • agusbagus said:

    Hello, this is perfect guide.
    Is that possible to recharge alipay balance using Paypal?

  • LD said:

    Fisrt of all, you guys do a great job with this guide.

    So, my account has been frozen and I’m required to activate real-name authentication to unfreeze it. I’m not willing to do this at this stage as I’ve just changed job and don’t know anyone local THAT well.
    I have two Q’s – 1 What did it mean when it said I’d exceeded my spend limit for the year? It said 500kuai, but that can’t be right, maybe 5000kuai? 2 -It said my account would be re-activated after a thawing period – any idea how long this process takes? 6 months? I’m willing to wait as I have quite good buyer credit/status which I think helps with seller’s attitudes.

    Might be useful for others – I top up my account via the post office. When my account froze I thought I was out of money so I topped up again. But that left me with 1400 kuai on my account that I couldn’t spend. Just for fun I tried to pay my electricity bill and it worked. So despite NOT being able to buy stuff you CAN still top up the account and pay utilities.

  • d said:

    HI there
    I already have taobao account but when I go to alipay account which is 支付宝账户管理

    then it ask me to If you already have a PayPal account
    Please fill in the form below you, “PayPal account” to set the login account name (you are logged Email address or phone number) and password:

    I type in my alipay account which is same as taobao but it say that there is no account.

    what happen? Do I need binding them?

  • Kae said:

    hi, i am leaving china in 2 weeks, i bought items from one seller then the seller told me those items are out stock,said that i could apply for a refund, but since i will be leaving and the money will go to paypal, how or is it possible to send it back again to my bank of china? thanks in advance

  • Jason said:

    This webpage needs updated. Taobao may have recently changed thier website. The ‘manage transactions’ button has moved. Also, when you sign up they ask for your cellphone number not your email anymore. I’m stuck somewhere in the Alipay registration process. I attached by bank account but I got lost after that. I can’t get to the alipay control panel. Anyway, thanks for all your help.

  • Jane said:

    Hi there. Thanks for some great info. I’m a foreigner looking to set up a taobao shop so need to sign up for alipay. One person commented that alipay has changed the procedure for foreigners to get an alipay account. Is that true? And what exactly is the guarantor’s role?
    Many thanks

  • Shanghaichick said:

    How does recharging alipay at post office work? Do I buy a voucher? What do I ask for?

  • Rc said:

    Help ! i dont know where is this “Pay treasure” in taobao , i want to check my taobao money refund, money refund was successful, but they told me look at my PAY TREASURE for the money that was refunded, but i could not find where is this PAY TREASURE .. Thanx…

  • Asif said:


    Great website found the information very useful.

    I am stuck on something though. I have a Bank of China account and have activated e-payment but how do I add the card to my alipay account to add funds? When I try to do this it keeps asking for my ID but I don’t have any ID number, is there any way around this?

  • kestan said:


    I have charged my taobao account with money(through the Post Office) and I can see how much money I have there as well as my transactions in the control panel. However when hitting the payment it requires the payment password and I enter the password I use to login to Taobao ( I use the same password for login to my paypal) but it is incorrect and after 3 tries the account is locked and released after 3 hours. I have also tried that I have forgot my password but then it send my a link where I have to enter my passport number and uplaod identification document. Could you please help?

  • gie said:

    good day! i just want to ask if i can just pay money on western union because i already ordered 3 clothes from alipay Singapore i don’t have any idea if it is safe to transact here or what . i need an answer pls . thankyou .

  • Nat said:

    I have exactly the same issue as Kestan’s. Did you sort it out Kestan?

  • fred said:

    hello this fred am currently in china and i bought some stuffs from taobao and i received the goods but did not like them so i sent them back and i apply for refund which i was granted but now i want them money in cash but its in my alipay account. please how can i send the money back into my bank account and cash it. thanks

  • Lou said:

    Hello so I followed the guide and I have an account, went to the post office got the recharge card. I’m using an iPad and needed to download an app for alipay but I don’t understand the icons or what I’m suppose to do to recharge my account, please advice!

  • Theresa Low said:

    hi. seller informed goods were out of stocks so i applied for refunds and is successful. 3 amounts were deducted from my mastercard initially and i received 2 refund amounts the next day. what happened to the 3rd refund? it has been more than 6 working days (29/11/2012 to 7/12/2012). pls help me. thanks.

  • Junaid said:

    hey there guy so im having a problem, i recently had to change my taobao account number because some one tried to hack it, so once i change it its telling me i alos need to change my alipay pass, i cant buy anything or confirm stuff,so when i go retrieve password i chose via cellphone and they send that verification sms but the thing is the also asking for my id number?? i never put my id number in taobao an alos im a foriegner please help

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Does this method work for you?

  • Jomc said:

    Hi, I was fine buying with taobao, until tried to refund and then the page asking for the chinese id/name etc came up, and I dont have anyone’s information I can use. So I was wondering, is it possible to create a new alipay account while still keeping my same taobao account? Or would I just have to create a whole new taobao account again.. Help please! Thanks

  • Jomc said:

    Oh just kidding, i cancelled the refund and it went back to normal eventually. But now when I am putting my pin etc from my post office recharge receipt, when I write my pin number in it says “网汇e汇票密码格式有误!” But im putting the same pin number as always? :S

  • Geis said:

    I still can’t figure out how to sign up and add money to an Alipay account without chinese ID card. this link http://taobaofieldguide.com/advanced-tactics/registering-for-an-alipay-account only gets me to my alipay limited account, but how do i complete my personal information without a chinese ID?
    someone walk me through this please.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Cant be done – but you can buy with a limited account. More advanced procedures will require a call to Taobao customer service.

  • jim said:

    Hi Mr. Admin.

    If I got taobao & alipay account. But I’m not certified/verified user. Then I make purchase, suddenly out of stock. Then request for refund. Then my Ques now, from what I see from guide, its need to be certified user.

    If I want my refund just transfer into alipay account. But I don’t want to cash it out.

    Still need certified?

    What I’m understand now, certified is for user to cash out right?
    Is it like that?
    Sorry If I’m wrong.

    If possible, then I can simply refund then use the balance for another purchase.

  • S.H said:

    Hi alipay team,
    I bought a couple of product from the same seller, I made my payment, but the seller was not informed about the payment from alipay. The seller kept telling me that I didn’t make payment, after many messages back and forth I decided to try contacting Alipay. Impossible to get in contact with any body. all my attempts has failed and up till now I have no idea what to do because all my messages and emails to tradesevice@aliexpress.com. came back with an automatic answer “user is over quota”. I don’t know who to contact to solve my problem.
    It is frustrating

  • Madison said:


    I set up an Alipay account but when I try to transfer money from my Chinese Bank to Alipay I need a Chinese ID number. There is no other option for an ID number. I’ve tried my phone number and I’ve tried my ppn with no luck. Any help would be grand!


  • Jaime said:

    this is my case: I got my alipay account through Taobao by topping some money, I was never asked for paswords or anything and they acceted my money which I payed through my Chinese bank. Now I am trying to pay using that oney, but they are asking me for a Alipay account password, which I don’t have, and if I try to follow the steps to activate my account I got asked for a 18digit ID (no option for passport or anything) which I cannot submit because I don’t have. How can it be that they ask you for all these thing to pay, but to take your money there is no problem at all…
    What do I have to do to jump the 18digit ID step, so I can get a password so I can pay my purchase? I think here we are all having the same problem.

  • Jaime said:

    BTW If I choose I am foreigner, during the registration, my country doesn’t appear. Plus, I can’t remember correctly but I think I registered my Taobao and Alipay accounts without an email, just my chinese cellphone.

  • jenniferppp said:

    why suddenly i cannot pay taobao using wang shang yin hang icbc ? i used to pay with wang shang yin hang but all of the suuden the option is gone. please help me

  • siri said:

    I have topped up my tao bao account 500rmb via post office (wang huei yi). but now my alipay password in taobao is locked, to complete purchasing and to retreive password it requires that I register a payment password with REAL NAME (which should be chinese) and 18 digit CN National ID number both of which I dont have. I cannot find a registration page that gives me the option to register with foreign passport number. what can I do in this case?

  • Alice12345 said:

    can i tell others my alipay name if they request it?

  • sab said:

    I have almost RMB800 in my taobao account but they said my account has been barred due to a certain risk. so now I can’t pay using the balance payment. what should I do? is quite a big amount of money in that account. I tried following the steps they guide me (they ask me to chg my password and security questions, i did) but I still can’t solve this problem. pls help me

  • loke said:

    I did pay through alipay for the products that i buy from (www.taobao.hangzhoucn) on 4/5/2014. but normally i buy something from aliexpress they will sent me back the comfirmation to my email. but i dont get any feed back after paying. then now i try to login to this webside and the mention this website is already expire.

    can anyone try to help me to refund back the money from alipay.
    or do you need the transaction code from my credit card for refrence.

    the transaction code is on 3/5/2014 (REF no 74937764125595005339554)

    i hope someone from alipay can help me to monitor through this case.


  • stacey said:

    Hello, same problem as Kestan. Please help!

    I have charged my taobao account with money(through the Post Office) and I can see how much money I have there as well as my transactions in the control panel. However when hitting the payment it requires the payment password and I enter the password I use to login to Taobao ( I use the same password for login to my paypal) but it is incorrect and after 3 tries the account is locked and released after 3 hours. I have also tried that I have forgot my password but then it send my a link where I have to enter my passport number and uplaod identification document. Could you please help?

  • abdul said:

    hello..i have an issue actually i forgot my alipay payment password how can i reset my payment password secondly i lost my binded mobile phone with alipay so i can not receive security messages any way to resolve these problems

  • Perline said:

    Hi. I wonder if you can help.. I didnt have an alipay payment password before and for some reason it is requesting it now. and it seem i cant pay without the password. I ask for a reset but then I am not able too. is there any other way around? Also i have some bal in Alipay as well. I would want to have them back.

  • Sven Serrano said:

    Alipay laughs at me. When I put in my name in Roman letters it asks for Chinese characters or “*” which I assume means put it in quote marks. Passport # is rejected.

  • judith said:

    I live in China and I have set up a separate Alipay account. How do I connect that to my taobao account?

  • Prisca Teng said:

    Hi. I recently paid through alipay enets.
    I’m from Singapore btw.
    However, all my items do not ship to SG so I was requested to file for refund.
    All vendors have approved my refund, however, I have yet to receive the money.

    It’s been 1 week. Can anyone enlighten me please?

  • Jon said:

    Is it possible to add money to my add money to my ZhiFuBao without completing my identification process. Every time I want to add money (from a WangHui E), it says I must first complete the identification process. Is there any way around this? Thanks!

  • Alan said:

    Hi, My taobao is registered to one email address. My alipay is stupidly registered to another. Is there some way I can bind my taobao account to my alipay account, so i can pay for things using alipay?

  • Tapiwa said:

    Please how do I delete alipay… I’m stuck like completely stuck in failing to purchase things off taobao it’s asking for my id number I don’t know what to do? HELLLP!!!

  • talha said:

    hello…. I have an account on alipay and and also add bank card in it… but I don’t know which is my payment password how can I know that
    plz plz tell me…… which one is my password… because I have 3 password related to alipay but not working… just only tell which one will be the payment password when we make account with new card

  • Wan said:

    Hello, I bought first time with Alipay, and it was a success, however the second transaction requires me to verify my ALipay account. The issue here is I don’t have any Chinese Visa because i don’t stay in China. Is there any way that I can verify my account if I don’t have any chinese Visa. I’m from Malaysia

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