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Alipay – Paying and Other Transactions


Let’s do some business

If you need to handle some business, this is where it happens. Let’s see what you can do here.

Pay for Your Order 付款

This will release funds to a Taobao escrow account, and the buyer will be informed that they should ship your order. This wll take you to the Pay for Your Order Screen.

Confirm that You Received the Order 确认收货

Click this only when the goods are acceptable, and you consent to release the money from the escrow to the Seller. Here is our guide to what to do when you receive your package.

Apply for a refund 退款

Click this one if you want to begin the refund process, to recover money from the Taobao escrow account, with a reason for the refund. See our guides to refunds before and after the product is shipped.

View detailed order and product info 查看

This is most useful for finding a previous order if you want to go back and buy more.

Got questions? Let me know in the comments. 


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  • LoriAnn said:

    Any idea how to get the discounts there are always fields for? I found this today but don’t understand all the details: http://promotion.taobao.com/coupon/got_bonus.htm

  • Nade said:

    Hi! Please help me to solve my problem with paying my orders on Taobao via Alipay. I am not from China, have no Chinese bank card. I have international Master credit card.
    I collected items from different sellers on my shopping card, entered the payment page, then to payment method page – international master card. I tried to fill form with card holder information in English and in Chinese, but the system does not accept it. The error massage is: “Sorry, your personal information did not pass Alipay security verification, please make sure your personal information complete and accurate”.
    Can you please give recommendations about filling form for making payment via international master/visa credit card?
    The default address and card billing address are different, should they be the same? How can I write cardholder Name, Surname and billing address if on the card they are written in English and as I can understand the form should be filled in Chinese?
    Thank you!

  • austin_beijing said:

    Hi Nade,
    We had this problem in the beginning because we were using firefox web browser. Then we tried Internet Explorer and it worked. Our billing address and shipping address were also different and we entered everything in English. Of course now we have a different issue, when we choose the international card option we can no longer see the boxes that need to be filled in with card info 🙁 Don’t know if it’s a problem with taobao or our computer. Anyway, try Internet Explorer, I hope it helps!

  • Liqqs said:

    Hye, im officially register in taobao. When the payment process, i choosed, ‘elsewhere overseas edition’. Then it goes to visa as I planned to. Then i start filling up the billing information. But when i click the confirm payment, the next page said – bank rejects the transactions. Please help. Why did this happen? Is it because the china national day holiday? Because my balance in my account is more than enough. PLEASE HELP ME 🙂

  • Shernths said:

    I really really desperate for help! Felt so cheated by alipay!

    I register an oversea taobao account using my phone number to verify. It automatically open a new alipay account.
    I was excited in buying stuff in taobao. So i ask my chinese friend to top up rmb1500+ into my alipay for me.
    Reason why i choose to top up, because the credit card service keep failed!

    When check out for payment, alipay say it will send verification code to my number. But i never received!

    I tried various way! But failed! Taobao can send me verification but alipay can’t!

    plus, it required a payment password which i never before key in!

    Running thru super long process of forget password, and waiting for days…weeks…

    It says my details submitted cannot be verified!

    It say my verification documents doesn’t match…
    Because i register using my Chinese name but my country identification card is in English.

    In the 1st place! Why during registration …it didn’t mention we must use “as in identification card”
    2nd! Why taobao auto open an alipay acc via our contact number which can be verified by taobao but alipay is so stupid that it can linked & verified it!

    I hope someone can help!

    I might miss out many points..coz i am in complicated situation which their customers service doesn’t help

  • Shernths said:

    2nd! Why taobao auto open an alipay acc via our contact number which can be verified by taobao but alipay is so stupid that it can’t linked & verified it!

  • astronautatomu said:

    Hi, I returned an item and asked for a refund. The seller claims that he’s refunded the money to me but there’s no record of this refund in my alipay account. I’ve told the seller this and he has responded by saying he’s refunded me the money. What can I do?


  • Ada Bardot said:

    Can someone help me figure out why my alipay can’t get verified? I send them all the info and papers, but I get 证件无公章 (missing a stamp.) what stamp? I have a residence permit, but what they had me upload was my entry visa. Would that be what the issue is?

  • 马蓓蕾 said:

    I signed up for Alipay with no problems using my CCB bank card. However, whenever I try to use it on taobao or ele.me, it can’t send me the verification to my phone! It just keeps saying that the website is busy.Anyone experienced this? It’s driving me crazy! My alipay account says that the transactions are simply waiting for me to verify using the phone code. ARGH.

  • Carl A said:

    Hi. I need help with Alipay. I shoped 4 items from aliexpress and sent money by western union. After couple days one item was canceled by seller. He claimed he is sorry its out of order. Refunds were sent to my new account in alipay. Later z seller sent me the item is available again. I tried to buy it or buy anything else i found no way to use my refunds in alipay. I could only find one way to get them to my bank account. But i want to use them to buy items. I dont have to pay for transaction fees when logicaly i must be able to use them. Any help u can advise?

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