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Alipay – Checking Your Order Status


Where’s My Stuff?

That’s probably what you want to know. Well, there are a few likely scenarios:

Waiting for the Buyer to pay 等买家付款

If you didn’t type in your password to confirm payment directly after ordering, then you may need to return to this screen to pay. Click on the 付款 link to pay for your order, or check our guide to Alipay transactions. 

Buyer has paid, waiting for Seller to ship 买家已付款,等待卖家发货

If this message persists for more than a few days, you should contact the Seller. They may be out of the product in question, or waiting to confirm some details with you. Ideally you can contact the Seller to confirm these details before you buy. See our Guide to Chatting with the Seller.

Seller has shipped, waiting for Buyer to confirm receipt 卖家已发货,等待买家确认

If you haven’t already received it, your package should be on it’s way. Don’t confirm until you receive the goods and everything checks out okay. Or contact the Seller if you are experiencing a delay.

The Transaction is Complete 交易成功

You have received the product and paid for it. Success!

The Transaction is Canceled 交易关闭

Maybe the Seller was out of stock. Maybe you never came back to pay. Somehow, transaction never happened. 

If you see any other messages in this area, please let us know in the comments. 

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  • Aaron R. said:

    Hey, I ordered the same product two times by accident. I paid one of them, the other one is still waiting. Can I delete the false one anyhow?
    Or dont I have to?
    Greetz, and thanks for the great guide!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hi Aaron, it’s easy if you didn’t pay for the duplicated one, just leave a wangwang chat message to the seller, explain the situation and ask him/her to close out the transaction. sometimes the seller is too busy to respond or to close out it, but you don’t have to worry about that, it will eventually be closed after several days. they’ll not ship anything if you didn’t pay. =)

  • Yulia said:

    Hello! Thank you for this great guide through wild forest of chinese shopping!
    I found this notice
    Decode it, please.

  • laobanniang said:

    Haha, This means “Remind the seller to ship it asap”. Happy shopping!!

  • Laurel said:

    I’m trying to figure out what this means: 等待对方发货. This is listed under the status. Thanks…

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Laurel, that means “waiting for the supplier to ship the goods”.

  • Anna said:

    I want to ask the seller when they are going to deliver my order. How do I say that in chinese?

  • Jessy said:

    Hai,anyone can help my problem.i order product in taobao i’m using alipay for payment.after i pay,seller didn’t send my product n i ask using wang2 chat when he can send my product,after he ask me some question,i can use the product coz my mechine to old,n i ask to cancel.until now he didn’t cancel my order.my order status in alipay n taobao still wait reseller to send my order.i try to send please send my order using alipay he didn’t response n try to contact seller to cancel also he didn’t response.how to resolve my problem?tq for the answer

  • sammy said:

    I have the status: 等待确认收货

  • Lu said:

    I ordered 15 pieces of clothing from 6 different sellers..
    All orders say that i have paid..
    But All say UNSHIPPED in delivery status.

    The money has gone out of my credit card from my bank and i have tried to contact the sellers with no joy.
    Even though some of the sellers have been on Live chat.

    I purchased all 15 items 10 days ago and ALL still say UNSHIPPED.

    I am getting very worried as none of them even give me the choice to tick ‘Item Received’ either .. So i assume they all still have not been shipped out even though each item says that payment has been received.

    I have tried to contact taobao.com but it is all Robot, No email address.

    Can you give me any good advise.


  • Nathan said:

    Hi Alipay I purchased 200k on fifa 15 coins and nt recieved them please by my player 200k Jordan Bowery team name The Smoggies I purchasesed them u can check cheers just a heads up if u don’t by my player in nxt 1 hour I will phone police about fifasupport.com

  • dugu said:

    please tell me how to get money back?

  • Susan said:

    I received this order tracking status. What does it means since I’ve already paid for the product+shipping last time.

    Your package has arrived at the warehouse please proceed to consolidate and pay for overseas shipping.

  • Aji said:

    Hi, I had a situation.. 10 days ago im ordered 2 type of item in bulk from one of the taobao seller. At first they said both item are in stock and i agreed with the price as discussed and deliver to fowarding agent
    (delivery to west malaysia). After a few days the seller contact me through wang2 chat and they already shipped only one of the item not both!!.. They told me the other item were out of stock and have to wait for another week. After a week, i contact with them but they didnt give any feedback. Its already 10 days since the deal was done, and confirm recipt period is close. My question is, what should i do. should i request for refund or wait for the seller to reply. Im stuck. thank you.

  • Waleed Femf said:

    Hi alipay I pay to get some stuff and i have massage that’s the transaction work but I cant find my order where I cant find it -,- plzzzzzzzzz

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