How Bjorn Borg Entered China with Weibo and Taobao

Weibo + Taobao as a market entry strategy is picking up steam among foreign brands looking for a effective way to quickly start building their brand in China.


Buy Weibo Fans on Taobao

I’ve been using Weibo pretty hardcore recently, using it to improve my Chinese. What I have learned it that it is pretty important to be hong (红, popular).


China’s Nunchuck Fight Club

If you wanna learn the sticks, you gotta tangle with the master.


Rent a Beijing Girl on Taobao

Chen Xiao decided to sell herself on Taobao. Or at least rent herself out, 8 minutes at a time.

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Taobao Specials for the Rich and the Poor

Since China’s shift to a capitalist economy some 30-odd years ago, some people have gotten rich. Many of those people have children, and China is now dealing with its first generation of what are called fuerdai: second-generation rich.